We offer a collaboration for a minimum period of 6 months.
Please send your CV, portfolio and cover letter to [email protected] with object specification “Architecture Intern”.

Role Mission: 

– student or graduate in Architecture
– support a project team to prepare written and graphic materials
– focus on product/furniture/lighting designs
– capability to translate the project briefings into strong concept designs
– developing of the different stages of product design, from research and sketching to technical specifications,
photorealistic renderings, presentations and prototype revisions
– assistance in design, drafting and drawing in 2D + 3D, sketching
– available for any other task such as making models, product research, making drawings, 3D representations and brochures for projects;
– making 3d models
– creative and technical input in creating design object and collections for international companies
– working on several projects at the same time

Key requirement:

– excellent design and sketching skills
– excellent computer skills – 3DStudio Max, AutoCad 2D e 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
– experience in furniture and lighting design is appreciated
– preferably some work experience from earlier internships
– both team player and able to work independent
– building site experience is appreciated
– ability to keep deadlines
– motivated person with different and multicultural interests
– active, flexible, adaptable, hard-worker
– excellent knowledge of Italian and English languages is a must (written and spoken)


concept progetto casa bifamiliare

Un terreno dalla forma irregolare su cui costruire due ville differenti, separate sia a livello di distanza che di progetto. Questo è il contesto in cui abbiamo creato il concept di progetto per le abitazioni di due fratelli. La prima villa ha un taglio spazi più tradizionale, presenta una struttura di casa a corte su due piani con la zona giorno al piano terra e la camera padronale al primo piano; la seconda invece ha un taglio diverso, risulta essere una casa in linea con ampie vetrate che prospettano su tutta la valle, fino a intravedere Bergamo. L’idea di costruirla in parte interrata ha permesso di poter “svelare” a poco a poco questa vista, grazie all’ausilio di gradoni inerbiti che consentono di raggiungere la quota del terreno circostante. Se la prima villa ha tutte le caratteristiche per essere un’abitazione familiare, la seconda può essere immaginata anche come moderna dependance, in cui possano trovare spazio i servizi ricreativi (palestra, area wellness) a ridosso delle ampie vetrate.

a.034 concept of two-family house project – Bergamo (BG)
A lot with an irregular shape on which to build two different villas, separated in terms of both distance and design. This is the context in which we created the design concept for the homes of two brothers. The first villa has a more traditional spaces arrangement, it presents a court house structure on two floors with the living area on the ground floor and the parents bedroom on the first floor; the second one has a different slant, it turns out to be a house in line with large windows that look out across the valley, even you can see Bergamo from there. The idea of ​​building it partly buried has allowed us to “unveil” this view little by little, thanks to the use of grassed steps that allow you to reach the altitude of the surrounding land. If the first villa has all the characteristics to be a family home, the second can also be imagined as a modern dépendance, where you can find the recreational facilities (gym, wellness area) close to the large windows.