We offer a collaboration for a minimum period of 6 months.
Please send your CV, portfolio and cover letter to [email protected] with object specification “Architecture Intern”.

Role Mission: 

– student or graduate in Architecture
– support a project team to prepare written and graphic materials
– focus on product/furniture/lighting designs
– capability to translate the project briefings into strong concept designs
– developing of the different stages of product design, from research and sketching to technical specifications,
photorealistic renderings, presentations and prototype revisions
– assistance in design, drafting and drawing in 2D + 3D, sketching
– available for any other task such as making models, product research, making drawings, 3D representations and brochures for projects;
– making 3d models
– creative and technical input in creating design object and collections for international companies
– working on several projects at the same time

Key requirement:

– excellent design and sketching skills
– excellent computer skills – 3DStudio Max, AutoCad 2D e 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
– experience in furniture and lighting design is appreciated
– preferably some work experience from earlier internships
– both team player and able to work independent
– building site experience is appreciated
– ability to keep deadlines
– motivated person with different and multicultural interests
– active, flexible, adaptable, hard-worker
– excellent knowledge of Italian and English languages is a must (written and spoken)


ristrutturazione appartamento

Intervento di ristrutturazione di un appartamento nel cuore di Milano. In questa palazzina con un dettaglio architettonico tipico milanese anni ’50 è stato studiato il taglio degli spazi in modo ottimale per esaudire le richieste e necessità del cliente a livello di luce, flessibilità, palette materiali. Punto focale del progetto è stato la creazione di una quinta realizzata in una struttura metallica leggera, che divide gli spazi pur mantenendo in relazione l’ingresso con la zona living. Il progetto d’interni è stato completato con lo studio e il disegno degli arredi su misura, la ricerca dell’illuminazione e la scelta di ogni singolo materiale.

d.066 interior design renovation – Milano (MI)
This project of apartment renovation takes place in the heart of Milan. In this building with a typical Milanese 50s architectural detail, the spaces arrangement is optimally designed to meet the customer’s demands and needs at the level of light, flexibility, material palette. The key point of the project is the creation of a curtain wall in a light metallic structure, which divides the spaces whilst connects the entrance to the living area. The interior design is completed with the design of tailor-made furnishings, the study of the lighting and the choice of every single material.