We offer a collaboration for a minimum period of 6 months.
Please send your CV, portfolio and cover letter to [email protected] with object specification “Architecture Intern”.

Role Mission: 

– student or graduate in Architecture
– support a project team to prepare written and graphic materials
– focus on product/furniture/lighting designs
– capability to translate the project briefings into strong concept designs
– developing of the different stages of product design, from research and sketching to technical specifications,
photorealistic renderings, presentations and prototype revisions
– assistance in design, drafting and drawing in 2D + 3D, sketching
– available for any other task such as making models, product research, making drawings, 3D representations and brochures for projects;
– making 3d models
– creative and technical input in creating design object and collections for international companies
– working on several projects at the same time

Key requirement:

– excellent design and sketching skills
– excellent computer skills – 3DStudio Max, AutoCad 2D e 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
– experience in furniture and lighting design is appreciated
– preferably some work experience from earlier internships
– both team player and able to work independent
– building site experience is appreciated
– ability to keep deadlines
– motivated person with different and multicultural interests
– active, flexible, adaptable, hard-worker
– excellent knowledge of Italian and English languages is a must (written and spoken)


progetto nuova disposizione uffici

Concept di intervento di sistemazione e nuova disposizione di uffici.
Il progetto ha come scopo il riordino di uno spazio che nasce già valorizzato dalla presenza di una doppia altezza centrale con copertura a shed. Questo ambiente open space centrale diviene così il fulcro che collega i vari uffici e le zone operative, distribuite per mezzo a un ballatoio posto al primo piano al quale si accede tramite una scala interna.
L’esigenza di dover creare un ambiente aperto, dinamico, ampio e luminoso la si ritrova anche nei singoli uffici, che risultano aperti e si distendono affacciandosi sull’ampia “corte” centrale. Questo tema della flessibilità è portato avanti ulteriormente sia dagli ampi ambienti open space collocati al piano terra e mezzanino, sia dalla presenza di un meccanismo a carroponte che consente di ampliare o restringere le sale meeting del primo piano, a seconda dell’utilizzo richiesto.
Altro elemento caratterizzante del concept è il colore: scala e ballatoio di collegamento avranno un colore deciso, così come il carroponte e le pareti divisorie semoventi.

d.067 offices re-arrangement project – Seriate (BG)
Concept of intervention of offices layout re-arrangement.
The project aims to reorganize a space that is already enhanced by the presence of a double central height with a shed roof. Thus, this central open space environment becomes the fulcrum that connects the various offices and operational areas, distributed through a walkway on the first floor which is accessed via an internal staircase.
The need to create an open, dynamic, spacious and bright environment is also found in the individual offices, which are open and face the wide central “court”. This theme of flexibility is further pursued by both the large open space environments located on the ground and mezzanine floor, and by the presence of a bridge crane mechanism that allows to widen or restrict the meeting rooms on the first floor, depending on the required use.
Another characteristic element of the concept is the color: staircase and connecting walkway will have a strong color, as well as the bridge crane and the self-propelled dividing walls.