How we Work with and for the Client ● Every Project follows 6 Schematic Phases, divided in 3 Sections: from the Idea to the Delivery ● The the Sections correspond with: Planning, Analysis and Cost calculation, Works management and Delivery.

P Planning

A Analysis

C Construction

1 → 2 →

3 → 4 →

5 → 6

1. Concept / 2. 3D Rendering /

3. Planning / 4. Economic management /

5. Works management / 6. Works end

Every phase of the project is shared with the Client through a dedicated account and weekly reports. The Client can check at any time the project phases, the 3D renderings, the cost analysis documents, the progress of the work, the status of the practices, the contracts with the workforce and the craftsmen and professionals involved. A complete and detailed plan for the progress of the individual phases is also shared with the Client, which can be easily consulted through a graphic representation. Each process is custom made. For this reason, we maintain a direct relationship with each of our Clients, who actively participate in decisions, with the awareness of being able to rely on a single interlocutor for all phases of the work.

The space we work in is part of us. An evolving place where you can touch the materials and make real decisions. Every chosen material is available in 1:1 scale, which can be evaluated in real form in our Workshop. And it's here where materials take shape through volumes, surfaces and light.

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